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I have been in France for 3 weeks now, and time has flied very fast... But I just wanted to write some last things to say good bye, because now I don't think I will have a lot more opportunities to share what I am living, because after 10 months that were exceptional, I think life will come back common as it was before. I don't mean that it will be sad or boring, just common and so nobody is going to take an interest in it :-)

The evening before I leave whe went to Kafe de Luxe and had a a quite night eating "galettes".

The day after we had a breakfast with Lina, Steffi and Lucie, and then we went to the station all together. I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to every body who waited to the train with Sandrine and I !!!

The travel was not so quite and we we almost missed the plane, but finally we arrived in Paris. There I met my boyfriend and my family. It was nice to be home, and I had so much to tell. But then, as I said, time flied : just one week with my parents and sister, and then I joined my boyfriend in Rennes to begin my practice. I began two weeks ago, and I love it. It is really interesting, I now I am pretty sure I want to work in this area. It is also quite tiring, the schedule is not the same as in Sweden!

I had a perfect time in Sweden: I met a lot of sweet people, and I hope we will see each other one day! I saw beautiful areas. I learned a lot, and I feel stronger. It was a huge experience, and I will never forget it!!

So I say goodbye to over-blog, but I promess I will keep in touch with all of you on facebook!!

Vi ses!

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Lucie 07/07/2007 15:16

Ah quand même! Je me disais que tu n'allais pas mettre de mot de la fin... Ca faisait un peu inachevé!
Je te fais de gros bisous. Moi je vais aller faire une scéance shopping, mon cousin fête son anniversaire, c'est un peu une invasiond egosses! A bientôt. et bon courage pour le stage!